Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's working, but...

Pauline, the nurse from MSKCC with the lovely Irish brogue, called yesterday.  Tuesday's blood tests indicate liver problems.  So while the two drugs are working, one causes blood clots and the other messes up the liver!  At least that is the hypothesis for now.  Off Everolimus for a while (also off Tylenol, Lipitor, wine...), back to MSKCC for a liver ultrasound tomorrow.  Oh, and by the way also a chest x-ray to see if this cough is a problem.  Back to MSKCC Tuesday for more blood work to see if the liver is doing better, and to see the oncologist to discuss consequences.  Not an easy week, despite the good news about the tumors.

Too many blog posts this week: time for a little quiet. Afterwards I hope to return to more introspective topics. 

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Frances Preston said...

not an easy week... but know we are here to hold you up and help carry you through. love you