Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick update

I saw the oncologist (Motzer) yesterday.  He confirmed that the treatments appear to be working; most of the tumors are a bit smaller. He appeared quite pleased (he is a low key guy), and said we will continue the treatment regime.  So the news is indeed very good.  But dealing with multiple docs can be confusing.  I am sure that the radiologist said "clots in the abdomen" and Motzer said no, it was a clot in the upper leg, but same treatment.  Likewise the urgent care doc said that the clots were probably not due to the chemo, but Motzer says that Avastin often results in clots.  Thus so long as the Avastin is working, I will be injecting Enoxaparin (heparin) twice daily.  It isn't so bad.

Motzer asked about my allergic reaction to the CT contrast fluid.  I assured him that I had taken both prednosine and benedryl, but reacted anyway.  I said I could put up with the hives, if need be.  He laughed and said that while I might be willing, the radiologists would not.  So no contrast fluid next time.  That will make it a bit easier and quicker, perhaps.

The infusion went well, and we left MSKCC around 6 PM, having arrived at 2:30.  Pretty quick, by current standards.

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