Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My sister Diana and I went to California this weekend to visit her daughter, Allison, and family.  While I had seen many photos and videos of three-year-old Sean, I had not actually met him before.  A wonderful visit all around.  Sean runs and talks nonstop.  We went to the Children's Discovery Museum on San Jose which, among other delights, has a marvelous water play area, and to Ardenwood Farm in Fremont with a train and farm animals.  Allison and Thomas lead such busy lives that it was lovely to relax with them.

I am feeling much better.  Still have belly pain, enough to sometimes take morphine (milder pain remedies still not allowed). I have felt slightly nauseated for nearly a week, a minor if persistent annoyance.  One of the frustrations is not knowing what is chemo, what might be cancer, or what could be something else entirely.  I am not sure why it matters, but it seems to, to me.

Is it feeling unwell that constantly reminds me that I inhabit a different world from the one I was in before I was sick, or is that simply a fact of my new life, with its very different future?  I don't know.  But diversions like this weekend are welcome forays back into the land of the living.  Thanks, Diana, for arranging this.


Allison Kurian said...

It was so wonderful to see you - we all had such a great time!

Giny said...

What a great grand visit! So happy for you all!

Dorothy Flint said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! I always feel the need to differentiate what different symptoms relate to different maladies, and I'm just a hypochondriac. Feeling sick sucks. I don't get sick that often (knock on wood) but when I do I am always amazed by how much I take "feeling well" for granted. I hope that this next treatment proves effective with fewer nasty side effects. I think about you all the time! Lots of love.

Diana said...

We had a lovely time. The Kurians we fabulous hosts, Sean was his energetic and enchanting self and you, Sally, we're a trooper putting up cheerfully with the many discomforts nd indignities of transcontinental travel. My thanks to you all.

Sue H. said...

I'm so glad to hear about your trip to California. Sean's smile is enough to make any cross-country trip worthwhile.

We'll be thinking of you this weekend as you celebrate your first PLP Thanksgiving of the season.