Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in the Poconos

Lovely Thanksgiving in the Poconos with friends: Prestons, Crawfords, and Nellsons.  Lots of children running around, a couple of lovely entertaining new Preston girlfriends (or friends, female), so busy times throughout.  The weather was great all weekend: bright and sunny with spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  One of my pleasures on these off-season visits used to be long walks in the woods.  At this point, a mile on the flat is challenge enough for me, but I did enjoy several strolls along the road by the lake.  But lots or reading, sitting by a roaring fire, talking, feasting (special thanks to Bob Nellson, on left in photo) and just enjoying friends old and new.

My health came up in conversation often enough that there was no awkward sense of avoiding it, yet not too often.  I did find that a late afternoon Morphine made it easier to enjoy sitting at the dinner table.  (In lieu of a forbidden glass of wine?)  I still have what feels (and even looks) like a soccer ball in my belly, and it can be painful.  Whether this is a residual effect of the abdominal bleed or something else I don't know; one of the tumors is somewhere in the pelvic area, so that is a scary alternative (I have not asked the docs).  Presumably the next CT scan in mid-December will resolve this.  In the meantime, the weekly Torisel infusion appears to be more tolerable that the previous regimen.  I no longer have a sore mouth, so I enjoyed pizza.

Thanks to Brad for cleaning out my gutters and sweeping the roof, to Margy for a nice visit, to Janet for a visit and taking my trash to the dump, and always to Francie and Sam and Giny and Don for hospitality in my PLP home-away-from-home.  Finally, to Helene for minding Cosmos (my cat) in NYC; he does not appreciate car rides. 

I did find it hard saying goodbye to people at the weekend's end.


Janice Hicks said...

Hi Sally-
You have been in my thoughts. I'm glad I checked in - it's great to hear that you got to the mountains for thanksgiving. What glorious weather it must have been. I am glad to get the medical update, you are going through a lot. Prayers headed your way. We at NSF are pulling for you!
Warm regards,

Allison Kurian said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

SarahZ said...

We loved seeing you, Sally.
Ryan loves hanging around the various conversations in the Fiala camp. He actually said to me at one point that you can come up with a topic, any topic, and the group of people in any room can discuss it for at least 30 minutes. What fun to be around such a wonderful group of people and much of that time with you. Hugs to you - again. So good to see you this past Thanksgiving week. It was one more thing to be grateful for!