Thursday, February 9, 2012

Long Day at Motzerville

Saw Motzer today. Very long visit: the 9:45 AM appointment turned into seeing him at 12:15 PM; I didn't get home until 4:30. My friend Helene had to go teach before the infusions started. The treatment was uneventful, with just one stick. (These very competent nurses gave up finding a vein in the fellow in the next cubicle.) The news from the CT scans last week is again very good: tumors the same or smaller. Curiously, Motzer carefully reiterated the fact that treatment will not get rid of them. But holding is very good.

Despite the improved breathing from December, I am still struggling with belly pain (both at the site of the incisional hernia and elsewhere), some other pain, and extreme fatigue.  I am taking daily walks in this lovely weather, but it is very hard. I had already made an appointment to see someone in the MSKCC counseling service, since depression is probably a factor. Motzer suggested seeing a surgeon at MSKCC who can look at the hernia and consider options (surgery is not desirable, since that would require suspension of the treatments for a month), and also someone from their pain management group. So I will be at MSKCC a couple of days a week in the near future. But I am glad to be trying to do something about feeling so debilitated.

Helene says "nobody likes a whiner." 

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Frances Preston said...

nobody likes a whiner but WE LOVE YOU SALLY! you're no whiner...