Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back in the Hospital

Warning: a lot of medical detail follows. Skip to the last paragraph to avoid this.

I have been doing better recently. Saw a pain doctor at MSKCC on Monday, and a shrink on Wednesday. Talking to her may be useful in the future, despite her tender years. But as I was busy taking acting to address the fact that I was having some difficulty getting going, my breathing was getting worse, sufficiently so that I was sent by Motzer's folks to urgent care on Thursday, and was admitted to Memorial Hospital that night.

Several hypotheses were abandoned and rejected, including broken ribs. They finally decided that a CT scan with contrast was essential, despite my allergic history. No hives this time, mirabile dictu. But the problem with sensitive tests is that they find things. A standard X-ray showed some pleural fluid, but not enough to explain the pain. The CT confirmed this, but also found a pulmonary embolism, on the other side from the pain, a bit curious. They take these seriously, and they are consistent with some symptoms. So treatment begins.

Treatment consists of IV Heparin, with careful monitoring of blood for coagulation properties and signs of a bleed. For me, the most likely site would be the abdominal wall, where I had the previous hemotoma while on heparin. A surgical team is watching my belly (quite am image). So at least a few more days here, I guess. I hope I don't have to be on Heparin for long, I associate that with too much misery this fall.

Once again I am accumulating roommate stories. This one, Risa, is a classic yenta. But my first story is only peripherally about her. Midday Friday a Rabbi stopped by, offering electric candles for the traditional sundown candle lighting, starting the Sabbath. She said yes. Did they arrive? No. So much for hospital pastoral services! Fortunately she is observant, but not terribly upset; indeed she may have said yes to be polite.

So here I am, in the hospital again, missing a Pocono weekend I had looked forward to. But as always, the care is excellent. Room service is a bit iffy, orders sometimes a bit confused. But the food is not bad.

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Shelley said...

Sally - I hope that you are out of the hospital by now. I admire your ability to write and communicate while going through these trying times. Keep the faith - candles or not! - and your amazing attitude. I hope that this stay at the hospital passes quickly.